31 for 21 - What I am Showing You

      What I am showing you by the previous blog posts that I have done, is that a little boy with down syndrome can do everything that a little boy without down syndrome can do. As you have seen, we do lots at our ranch - and, we include our little guy with down syndrome in all that we do just like we involve all his siblings.
     When I was in the hospital after Osiyyah was born, I was told about all of the things that he wouldn't do. "He won't sit at the same time as other children. He won't walk at the same time as other children. He'll be a lot slower."  That is why we set out to write a book and that, is why, we entitled out book, Down Syndrome: What You CAN Do.
     The past 5 years have shown us (as a family) that a child with down syndrome can do just about everything that all the other kids have done. Sure, he might be a little slower in some regards and, he might be a little more "trusting" in some areas and thus need to be watched a little bit closer. But, we have also noticed that he seems to do everything with a little more excitement. Osiyyah brings joy to just about all that he does. Everything seems to be like a new adventure to him. As a family we have been caught saying that we think all families should have a child with down syndrome. These people (with down syndrome) have much that they could teach the rest of the world. So, continue to follow along over the next few weeks here and I will attempt to give you more of a glimpse into our lives - as we live them out with a boy that has down syndrome.


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