31 for 21 - O, the Rancher

      For the upcoming Tulsa Buddy Walk, there are groups for the various kids with down syndrome. The name of Osiyyah's group is "O's Ranch Hands".  Here is a link to where you can read about his group, and a little bit more about him - O's Ranch Hands
     The past few days at our house have involved getting ready for the Buddy Walk. We are in charge of a few tables at the event. At one area, we will have a variety of our farm animals with us for the participants to check out. Tomorrow, we will be loading the livestock trailer and getting ready for the big day.
     Also, a few of my daughter's are going to be in charge of a table for Reece's Rainbow . If you check out my daughter's blog, Got Down Syndrome, she has various posts over the years she has done about Reece's Rainbow. Here is a link to one of her first posts about this group and what they do - Reece's Rainbow and Adoption . If you have a heart for kids and helping them out, be prepared to cry when watching the video link that is at this post. Oh, I wish we could bring some of these little kidos with ds home to us.
       Here are a few pics of O, the Rancher:


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