31 for 21: In the Milk Room!

     One of Osiyyah's favorite things to do is to help me and some of his sisters milk the goats. This is an everyday chore that we do twice a day - in the morning around 7:30am and again in the evening around 5:00pm. At the moment, we have about 20 does in milk!! Lots of yummy milk coming into the kitchen. We drink lots of milk, we make pudding and rice pudding with it and we also make cheese. There is also a cream separator in the kitchen so we can get the cream out of the goat's milk and male butter with it.
     In the picture above, Osiyyah is holding my whip, or as he calls it, "whi". We usually just swing the whip around in the air to chase the goats out of or into the milk room. We also use it to chase the sheep and meat goats into a different pen at feeding time. It is Osiyyah's favorite ranch tool, I think!


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