Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ranch Animal Alphabet - A

31 for 21 - A is for Alpaca

    Yep, we had an Alpaca named Mr. Buddy Walk. He was originally given to us to train and take to the Tulsa Down Syndrome Buddy Walk in 2010. Unfortunately, that didn't happen due to the fact that Buddy was a lot more wild than we knew. We were hesitant to take him to the walk because we didn't want him to accidently kick someone. 
     We also have a female llama. Did you know that an Alpaca and a llama can be bred together? Yes, Alpacas can breed llamas. The cross of a male Alpaca and a female llama is called a Huarizo. If a female Alpaca is bred to a male llama, the resulting offspring is called a Misti. And, if the baby (cria) looks more like an Alpaca it is called a T'aqa. If the baby looks more llama like then it is called a Warilla.
      Well, Buddy is not at our ranch anymore. He began to show some aggressive behavior towards some of our mama sheep and their lambs. We decided to send him on down the road to a place where he is getting day to day interaction. With enough attention, he should turn out to be a great addition to Rooty Toot Ranch.


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