Friday, October 21, 2011

Ranch Animal Alphabet - J

31 for 21 - J is for Jack & Jenny
      Well, has anyone guessed the animals for J? How about Jack and Jenny? You got it! That's what a male and female donkey are called. We have had several Jacks and Jennies pass through our ranch gates. At the moment, there is a Jack and a John (a fixed Jack) living in a pen across the street. 
        We also have a Jenny that hangs out with our sheep and goats. They are suppose to be pretty good gaurdians. Some of us saw her get bred by the Jack just a week or so ago so, we might end up with baby donkeys in a year or so. They are usually referred to as a baby jack (for the boys) and a jennet (for the girls).

    Here are Jack and John:

     Here is Jenny:


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