Various Events

31 for 21 - Various Events

Well, I missed a post again yesterday . . . we have been having internet problems and I was tired by the time I remembered that I had forgotten! My original plan was to get through all 26 letters of the alphabet with my Ranch Animal Alphabet during this month for the 31 for 21 Blog Challenge. But, that isn't going to happen since the month has flown by! For today, I will just do a few pics of some of the recent things that have gone on around this ranch. Hopefully, the next  letter will come tomorrow!
    Here we are on our way to the last soccer game and a soccer pic:

Here is a pic of some of the last special zucchinis that came out of the garden down by my nephew's place (just across the street):

 Here is my son holding 2 of the zucs up to give us a size comparison:

 One of my daughters with her bottle baby lamb:

 Dynamite, the new Boer buck:

 One of the new kitties that has made it's way to our farm. This one is living inside the Mini Lop bunny barn at the moment:


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