Ranch Animal Alphabet - C

31 for 21 - C is for Cat

    Cats play a big part on our ranch. My children enjoy playing with them out in the milk-room and they are key to have outside for mouse patrol! When we came form CA over 3 years ago, we brought several cats with us. Kitty Boy was our king kitty. We got him and his brother back in CA. He made the drive out here to OK and then vanished for weeks on end after our arrival. He finally re-appeared and was around until just a few months ago when he got sick. My daughter had pulled a big tick off of him and he went downhill rapidly after that. In less than a week Kitty Boy died. 
    Well, we still have Cougar (one of Kitty Boy's sons), the local milk room cat. Cougar has been seen grabbing mice and eating them whole in just a matter of minutes. He also sits under the milk-stand at every milking time waiting for the milk foam to be dumped on the plate that is under there. Here is a pic of Cougar with Roxy:

 This is Junior, another one of Kitty Boy's sons but, he has passed away also. We are not sure why he died.

 Here are a few pics of Trix (as my daughter calls her!). I call her the little white kitty.

 Just practicing catching mice!
     We also recently brought in 4 little kitties (2 orange ones and 2 white ones). I'm sure their pics will make it to the blog someday. There are also 2 that live in my daughter's Mini Lop bunny barn.


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