Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ranch Animal Alphabet - N

N is for Nubian & Nigerian Dwarf
     The very first goat we owned was a Nubian named Mama. She was a big Nubian that had a very well used udder! She would give us about a gallon a day. Sometimes she would stand on the stand but, at other times, it took several of us to milk her because we had to hold her feet still. We sold Mama before we left CA but, we have a few of her daughters in our herd to this day so her genetics have been carried on. Here is Mama:

    Since then, we had many Nubians come and go. We do have several that have been with us for years now. They are great milkers, have personalities of their own and do well in just about any setting . . . whether it is the dry desert of Southern CA or the humid and moist enviroment of NE Oklahoma.
     This is Vanilla - she is one of Mama's daughters. We have had her from our CA days. She was one of our first bottle babies. She is a strong goat. 

    This is Prissy. She is a Nubian that we brought down form WA to CA. She has also made the trip out to OK with us 3 1/2 years ago. She is one of our best milkers.

    Here is Rhia. We aquired Rhia from a breeder in KS. She has lost alot of her teeth so she gets grain twice a day. She is older but, is a sweet goat and has a funny personality.

   We can't forget the main Nubian buck we have at the moment. Here is Hershey:

    Of course, Nigerian Dwarf also starts with N so, here is Barry, our resident and small Nigerian Dwarf buck. We use him in our Miniature Dairy Goat breeding program.

    And, one last one of ma with a Nubian (Prissy again!):

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