Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ranch Animal Alphabet - I

31 for 21 - I is for Ichthus

       I bet some of you were trying to figure out what the Ranch Animal for I would be, huh? Well, it is Ichthus. Although we don't have a place for any ichthus right now, I do want to make a place for them someday. When we first bought our property, there was a pond here that had ichthus in it but, it was not set up right and it turned into a muddy, stinky mess. After a few animals we had got sick from the yucky water in it, we drained it out. I hope to have my nephew come in with the bulldozer someday and dig it deeper and set it up right. It would be great to have a stocked pond full of all kinds of ichthus. As someone that wants to be running a ranch that is self-sufficient, ichthus would just be another animal that we could catch and eat. Here are a few pics of a recent trip the kids and I went on to a friend's pond to catch icthus by the name of catfish:

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