Monday, October 31, 2011

Ranch Animal Alphabet - S

31 for 21 - S is for Sheep
    Hard to believe that the 31 for 21 challenge for 2011 is over already. Doesn't it seem like it just started? I had great intentions of getting through all of the Ranch Animal Alphabet posts (especially considering there are only 26 of them and 31 days in the month!) but, that was not to be. With internet failures, a busy life at times and my own human failure to remember everyday, here I am at the 19th letter of the alphabet. Oh well, I will try to keep on posting over the next week here to finish it up.
    The letter S is somewhat of any easy one because of the many sheep we have been running through this ranch over the past year or so. Sheep are one of the dumber animals in existence yet, some of them also have sweet personalities. We started with 2 Katahdin sheep added in Painted Deserts and some Finnsheep plus, a handful of others. For a more complete look at our sheep adventures, you can go to our sheep blog and check it out - Little Hills Sheep Ranch. Here are a few pics of some of the sheep we have at the present moment:

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