Ranch Animal Alphabet - Q

31 for 21 - Q is for Quail
     Oh, yet another animal to incorporate into our self-sufficient ranch someday! Check out the info below the pic! Thanks to How to Raise Quail for the statistics.

Incubation period: 18 days

Humidity for incubator: 50 - 60%

Move to hatcher/stop turning: 14 days

Matures at: 8 weeks

Benefits of raising: Fast-growing, easy to raise and the largest of the Coturnix varieties. These birds make great meat production birds or egg-layers. The eggs are more round in shape and can be hard to fit into quail egg trays, however.

Size/Weight: 14+ ounces

Breeding Ratio: 20 females to 5 males in one pen seems to be a great ratio.

Special Needs: Very few, these are fairly easy, laid-back to birds to raise who are hardy and seem to have very little problems.


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